80 VIP guests experienced The Red Baron

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Donnerstag 10th Juni 2021

80 VIP guests experienced The Red Baron


Last weekend, The Baron was sparkling elegantly in the Danish Summer when X-Yachts held the first of this year’s planned VIP events, in the new X-Power 33C.

In cooperation with Volvo in Kolding and Århus, 80 VIP guest were invited to Hotel Koldingfjord and Aarhus International Sailing Centre, and on both places there was full house. The guests arrived in groups of 6 people, and X-Yachts sales manager for powerboats, Martin Lindbæk, introduced the guests to the design and the technical qualities of the boat.

It’s very positive for us to present the boat this way because the boat is really incredible and when you have experienced it on the water, it is much easier to understand what it offers which is exactly the message we want to spread out among the sailors. Added value to these events is definitely the very beautiful locations in Kolding and Aarhus, and the cooperation with Volvo about the event was also perfect, so for sure something we want to build upon in the future”, Martin Lindbæk said.



Photos: X-Yachts A/S, Peter Brøgger