A mission to be fulfilled in the Aegean Sea. Read the story!

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Montag 12th Juli 2021

Together with our Greek partner we had planned to participate in the new exciting nonstop Aegean 600 offshore race where some of the hottest race boats participated. 600 NM around the Greek islands starting south of Athens.

We had chosen to sail a top race equipped Xp 44 with all the necessary sails. Everything was ready – 7 Danish, 3 Greek and one Norwegian navigator were all on their marks for the big race after many hours of preparation.

3 days before the start, the crew who had rented the boat the week before the start, sailed into a rock at 8,5 knots. With a keel damage we could not manage to get the boat ready for start. The most positive thing was that the boat was safe to sail back to the harbor even though it did not have a steel frame, but a carbon fibre frame. Our designers can only be proud of that.

However, our project was having a hard time! We did not have another Xp 44 available, but „only“ a standard X46 charter boat.

It turned out, however, that the sails from the Xp 44 could fit to the mast, even if they were a little too small, especially our genoa could be a problem, but with alternative sheeting points etc. we could succeed with it.

Our ambitions had to be moderated somewhat, but we made the decision, to fulfil the mission and started the race on board an X46.

We won the start at the pin end but it was an exciting start with almost no wind to shifty winds, but after a few days it got more windy up to 35 knots and challenging 3 meters waves. This was something the X46 liked, so we ended up with extremely good results after a roaring finish, where we logged up to 15 knots. Despite our modest ambitions, we came in first in our IRC class and 3 overall out of all participating boats. Only beaten by a TP52 and Farr 70. Ib Kunøe was at the helm when we crossed the finish line after 3 days and 23 hours. 77 years old Ib was one of 4 helmsmen on the boat.

A wonderful race with high spirits and water in the hair. There was “some” appreciation of our result from the carbon racer crews, when we arrived at the pier.

Ib Kunøe – lost 3 kg, since cooking was difficult due to rough conditions the last 2 days. He has announced he will not be gaining the weight again.

Really proud to see the team growing over the days at sea, since we had not sailed together before.

Story written by Ib Kunøe and Kræn Brinck Nielsen