X-Yachts Agentur Lübecker Bucht

Agentur Lübecker Bucht
Oliver Leu

Oliver Leu

Sales and Servicing

Oliver Leu is sailing more than two decades on X-Yachts and has been a successful competitor in a lot of races. Oliver is working since 15 Years for X-Yachts and cares about the sales and service for X-Yachts in the area Lübecker Bucht, Fehmarn and Heiligenhafen. As a manager of a sail loft he is able to help X-Yacht owners with all kind of tips and solutions.

leu@x-yachts.de+49 172 94 95 966

Agentur Lübecker Bucht

Jachthafen-Promenade 4b
23774 Heiligenhafen

+49 172 94 95 966
+49 (0) 43 62 90 01 49