X-Yachts acquires HOC Yachts

Launching at Boot Düsseldorf 2021

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Over a period of years, X-Yachts considered developing a powerboat model, with the purpose of supplementing sailing yacht production and to benefit from the expertise and the prestigious X-Yachts brand throughout 40 years.

As expressed by X-Yachts’ chairman, Ib Kunøe “We have seen there is a need for a powerboat that could contribute to honoring the X-Yachts vision of superior sailing pleasure to fulfill our customer’s dreams – like in our X-Yachts mission statement… “Our promise is to challenge the market through strength in design, innovation, technology and craftmanship””.

As we see it, there were two options; either to develop an X-Power brand from the bottom or to buy us into the market with a product that could fulfill our vision and mission.
It has been a long and well-considered process, and with the acquisition of HOC Yachts, we believe to have come very close to our core area of focus; It is our clear conviction that the integration of HOC into the X-Yachts development and design lines will be a manageable process and within reachAlthough I am a sailor of heart, I must admit, that a combination of HOC and X-Yachts also gets me on the Powerboat wave”, Ib Kunøe elaborates.

The first two models in line, the Explorer and the Cruiser, seem to have everything the market needs in a powerboat. Characteristic of the models are contemporary and spectacular design, uncompromised quality, excellent running performance, high level of safety and ease of use, an impressive fuel economy – and not least a unique and innovative high-technology navigation and control system. A system that makes cruising a straightforward experience and gives a clear overview of all the information a sailor needs.

All in all, state of the art, exactly like the rest of the X-Yachts fleet.

“We are thrilled with the news and X-Yachts visionary approach to the market. We firmly believe that our experience in powerboat design will be a great contribution to the X-Yachts forward-thinking plans in the powerboats segment”, said Vilhelm Djurberg, co-founder of HOC Yachts.

As soon as we have an overview of all practical matters involved in this new and exciting process, we will start moving the production from Visby, Gotland to X-Yachts’ facilities. We will give the boats a touch of X-Yachts based on our 40 years of learnings developing sailboats. At the Boot in Düsseldorf 2021, we will show our powerboats for the first time”, CEO Kræn Nielsen concludes.


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