Setting the strategy of X-Yachts in 20 ms..

Thursday 25th October 2018

Story by Ib Kunøe, owner of X-Yachts and chairman of the board:

On the 25th – 26th September, the owner of X-Yachts Ib Kunøe sailed his boat from Vedbæk to Haderslev together with CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen.
The 166 nm turned out to be much harder than expected, but on that occasion it was proven that the X4³ is perfect for teambuilding in a storm.

Extract from the story:
Here we were, my new CEO, 6 months into the job and myself all alone, faced with each other on board the product we design, produce and sell. Confronted with all the issues of our business, our vision, mission and long-term strategy, tested under real circumstances, what more can you wish for as an owner?

We had a very good discussion about that during the night. It is a rare situation for an owner and chairman to be forced together with his CEO for 30 hours under extreme conditions with deep discussions amid a lot of physical and mental challenges and fatigue.
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