A success story from a happy X-41 customer

Wednesday 19th September 2018

A success story from a happy X-41 customer in Cyprus where the 2018 ORC European Championship was held The owner Sergey Kolesnikov and the skipper Mati Sepp said:

“My team and I have long history of sailing the X-41, and our latest ORC modifications helped us boost our performance big time, so we were able to out-perform the other racing boats at the Cyprus ORC European Championship 2018.

Thanks to Matteo Polli’s research, we made our performance vs. rating curve stable in all wind conditions and were able to fight for a place on the podium. Even in those races where the wind shifted, we still had power. Of course it is tough to sail against the big and fast ORC B fleet, but the X-41 is a very easy maneuvering boat and can survive in heavy traffic across the lines. Around Cyprus everything was in our favor; with solid starts, we were able to match speed with faster and bigger boats and we didn’t allow them to pull away. Only less than 6 knots of wind speed, our big gennakers started to pull away!

The X-41 one-off design was invented more than 10 years ago… however, it is still one of best boats to sail under ORC for highest results!”

We were happy to see that 8 out of 29 boats in both classes were X-Yachts.