Fine X-results in Japan!

Friday 6th July 2018

The 2018 Okinawa-Tokai Yacht Race

The 5th edition of Okinawa-Tokai Yacht race is an offshore event in Japan held once every 2 years.

The race course is starting from Southern Island Okinawa to Tokai which is in the middle of mainland Japan near Nagoya with 720 nautical miles. This very popular Japanese classic offshore race originally started back in 1972 as Okinawa-Tokyo Race. The race stopped after the 13th event – but started up again as Okinawa-Tokai Race in 2010.

What is so special about this race?

Well.. variable weather and strong Black current makes it a very challenging one. Since the start, our X-Yachts models have been making good results in this race:

  • 2010: X-37 won a 4th place out of 12 boats.
  • 2012: X-41 won a 3rd and a 7th place out of 14 boats.
  • 2014: The Xp 38 won a 3rd place out of 13 boats.
  • 2016: X-41 was 1st out of 5 boats.

This year, in 2018, 6 boats started on the  29th April.

After starting, seeking of Black current or better wind is always a difficult choice.

Leaving the group of Okinawan islands, the race fleet headed to North and changed course to East.

Shiono-misaki, the bottom of big Kii-peninsula where Black current hits strongly, is the next turning point. After rounding this corner, the race fleet went up NE direction to finishing line in the small Mikawa-Bay near the mouse of Nagoya-Bay. The race fleet had stormy wind on the final stage to fiishing.

The X-41, “Joker” owned by Mr. Yasushi INAGAKI, finished 2nd overall and won in corrected time. This is her second time winning.

Good results and none trouble performance of X-Yachts competing models in this challenging offshore event has been appreciated these years. Any other production yachts could not have achieved such a remarkable result and performance in this long offshore race.


The postscript of OKINAWA-TOKAI YACHT RACE – May, 2018 – Owner of “Joker”, Yasushi INAGAKI

We are delighted that we could safely conclude the OKINAWA-TOKAI YACHT RACE, and we could fortunately win the championship two years in a row. The present championship is more delightful for us than the last championship, because of the following;

・The last championship was attributed to the advantageous wind and weather for our yacht (X-41), so it could be considered beginner’s luck.

・After the crushing defeat of OGASAWARA YACHT RACE of last year (2017), we have had many meetings and had prepared for this race.

In my opinion, the offshore yacht race is similar to the management of a company. Finishing the race and producing a good result in OKINAWA-TOKAI YACHT RACE which is a 720 miles long race would need an organizing ability. There are many conflicts which had been attributed to the differences of business conditions, private conditions, priority of yacht races, and so on, among about 20 crew members. We should have coordinated the conflicts and integrated the thinking of them. We could do them, so we could win this race.

We can’t decide the entry to the next OKINAWA-TOKAI YACHT RACE, because we have just finished the race after the long preparations. We would consider the entry with fun for a while, because ‘little and often fills the purse’.

Finally, we give thanks to the race committee, the rival yacht teams, and X-Yachts!

With best wishes to you and your families, 

yours sincerely,