First test sail of the X4⁹

Wednesday 14th March 2018

On the 13th March, the X4⁹ was testsailed for the first time.

Test crew on board was Quality Manager, Dan Pedersen – Project Manager Henrik Jørgensen – Naval Architect Søren Thystrup – CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen – and suppliers of mast and engine.

Checking a new boat’s sailing performance, requires going through a long check list;

Among other things trim, rig and engineering of the mast are important check points. Apart from that, we are checking

  • the balance of the boat and the balance between sailplan, hull and appendages
  • the steering system
  • the structural components
  • engine performance and noise
  • technical installations
  • deck layout ergonomics and geometry

The X4⁹ performed extremely well, living fully up to our expectations. Within the next couple of weeks, the boat is being transported to Portugal to her new and happy owner!

See the gallery below and read more about the X4⁹.