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FIRST TIME IN TURKEY ! X-Yachts Single Point Lifting System In Use

Thursday 8th June 2017

X-Yachts Turkey is proud to have accomplished a premiere: the “single point lifting” feature, which is an essential part in the standard design of all X-Yachts models, was put into practice for the very first time in Turkey.

(Time lapse video – Actual length 4min12sec)

Xp 38 “Extreme Ways”, the overall winner of Marmaris Int’l Race Week in 2014 & 2016, was lifted from its single lifting point by means of a simple crane-truck. Before launching, the boat was held suspending for a long time while the antifouling layers applied by airless gun dried up.

The single point lifting operation made sure that there were no cradle pad/travel lift strap marks on the underwater hull. Hand sanding all the way down, including the underneath of keel bulb, followed by three coats of antifouling, enabled a perfectly smooth underwater hull, which is vital for racing boats.

Among the serial production yards in the world, X-Yachts is the only one, which incorporates a single point lifting system into its designs. Be it performance or cruising, all X-Yachts models from 33 to 65 feet feature such system which consists of a pad eye on the keel-hull grillage (steel/carbon), and a special trap on the deck. A sling connected to the pad eye, goes through the deck hole and attaches to the crane hook.

Thanks to the legendary balance of X-Yachts, the boat remains at level when “suspended”, and the whole operation takes place in only a few minutes. X-Yachts uses exactly the same system to carry out all operations in its production facilities and marina in Denmark.

Our X-Yachts Turkey Marmaris Center (XYSTC), recognized by X-Yachts as an authorized maintenance & service center, is proud to have accomplished a first in both Turkey & East Med basin and having started implementing the original method of the manufacturer in Turkish waters.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to the management and staff of Netsel Marina in Marmaris for providing us with this opportunity, and for their kind cooperation.