Go charter in Croatia!

Tuesday 28th August 2018

We started planning our sailing trip in December. We were two couples and three of us had no prior sailing experience, so we decided to go for something easy. We therefore went to  Croatia as sailing conditions are typically good and distances between ports make nice day passages.

I have been a client of Nava Boats for several years and have liked their service, so I asked Alenka if she had any nice boats. To my delight, Alenka told me that Nava will get a delivery of brand new X-Yachts. That was perfect for us, as a well-equipped quality boat was exactly what we needed, so we decided to go for the Xc 35.

When we arrived at Nava Marina in Split, we were told that unfortunately the papers for the Xc 35 weren’t ready yet, but we would get a new X43 instead. I don’t know if my girlfriend and the other couple realised right away what it meant, but at least I was thrilled, since I have always wanted to sail a sporty X!

The sea was calm on the first day and we spent half a day swimming in the sea and half sailing around 5 knots in light wind. Second day was similar, except the last few miles that we beat windward towards Korcula, when we started to see the character of the boat.

After leaving Korcula, we sailed around Hvar from East side and had the opportunity to beat windwards together with more than 10 other boats. That was when you really saw the performance of the boat versus standard charter boats.

Our angle of attack was ~10° and our boats speed +1kt better than the others. Tailwind performance turned out to be similar, where we easily overtook the other sailing boats, besides maybe catamarans.

All in all, it was an excellent sailing experience and it was a true pleasure sailing an X43. After trying this model, it will be difficult to book other boats than X-Yachts.

Written by:
Antti Eloranta, Finland

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