It’s not about the destination but about the journey..

Tuesday 17th April 2018

Julie & John Applegate has recently left Denmark after a hand-over process at the X-Yachts yard in Haderslev. Julie & John are the new happy owners of an Xp 55 2018 Edition.
Next step for the boat is to go to the US by Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

How did we get here” is the first of a five-part serial. We already look forward to chapter 2.

They say that it is all about the journey, not the destination. For us, Julie and John, that sums up our core value in life. With regards to obtaining an X-Yacht, we would have to throw in a few more words besides “journey” to tell the whole story, words like “passion,” “goals” and “focus,” as those four words added together enable us to be standing on the deck of our new XP 55 (Serenity).

A bit of background: John has been sailing for a long time and at one time had an X-Yacht X-46, but there was a 13-year gap during which he did not sail at all. Julie was new to sailing but she was the one who actually brought up the possibility of getting a sailboat. So this was not one of those typical stories of husbands trying to convince the wives to get a boat! It all started a few years ago when we found some great videos on YouTube that were focused on the cruising lifestyle (Delos, HappyTogether, Out Chasing Stars, Sailing Britican, and Chase the Story in particular). Those videos were fun to watch and we fantasized about living in that “other world;” we talked forever about living in that “final destination” (meaning retirement). While we were both avid SCUBA divers, we had not focused on sailing until we started watching these videos. They brought both worlds together and that planted a seed in Julie’s mind.

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