Latest news from the Applegates participating in the Caribbean 1500!

Thursday 15th November 2018

Caribbean 1500

The big regatta was finally here… our months of planning, configuring, troubleshooting, and improving were about to pay off. Julie and I were days from pushing away from the docks and starting our first big offshore voyage. It seems that the real heavy lifting was not in getting the boat (X-Yachts XP55) ready, as we knew that sv Serenity would take care of us, but rather it was our mental readiness that took the longest to prepare.

There were five of us onboard for this journey and all were there for a specific purpose: of course Julie and I were onboard as boat owners, and we also had Heather with us as she is a Captain of sv Foxtrot (X-Yachts 482 based in Newport, USA) and has years of offshore experience. Walt was the fixer as he knows how to fix everything, and Nate was sail trimmer, an expert who came to us from Warrior Sailing (wounded warriors that now focus on sailing).

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