Our plans from here…

Monday 7th May 2018

Read chapter 2 of the story from Julie & John Applegate – new owners of an Xp 55 2018 Edition. Last Sunday, their boat was loaded on a huge transportation ship outside Haderslev Fjord with final destination in the USA:

In our last post we provided a bit of background on our journey from “defining our joint passion” to the arctic-cold handover of SV Serenity in Denmark. That process took about two years and that time was filled with many choices and options as we spec’d out our dream boat.

While the boat was still on paper, we came up with a lot of wonderful ideas like the Newport-Bermuda race, Caribbean 600, Antigua sailing week, World Cruising Club’s ARC and Caribbean 1500, Fastnet Race, anchored next to an empty white beach, moored next to a great wreck dive, spending a weekend inside as it rains hard outside, Marion to Bermuda Race, BVI Spring Regatta… Then you apply reality to the situation and remember that you still need to actually work and some of these events are far from each other and are not run every year.” Read the full story

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