X-Yacht sales are booming in Israeli market

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Wednesday 26th April 2017

Its been a busy Easter weekend at the X-Yachts Yard in Haderslev for the Israeli dealer Easy Swissa who has handed over 5 new X-Yachts to their new owners this weekend!!

Despite Israel being a relatively small market Easy has recently sold an Xc 35, Xp 38, p 44, Xc 45 and an Xp 50.  Having only been an established X-Yachts dealer for the last couple of years it is amazing to see the buzz surrounding the brand and the demand in this new market.

The X-Yachts already racing in Israel have been getting great results in many of the local regattas and races including the 2016 Israel Yacht Club Championships where the Xc35 “Epoxy Lady” was 2nd in ORC2 and X-35 “X-President” was 1st in ORC1, followed by the IMX38 Blue Wave in 2nd. The Israeli Xp44 “Arfita” sailed in the 2015 X-Yachts Gold Cup and finished 3rd overall.

Commenting on his success, Easy says:

We managed to establish X-Yacht as a dream boat in our market due to success in regattas and in long distance cruising such Cross Atlantic rallies and alike. We believe in our newborn market, that X-Yachts is the most desirable boat. Another reason for our success, is our focus on positioning X-Yacht as the number one step up boat for experienced sailors. As a result, we are very positive looking in to the future.

X-Yachts’ Kristjan Pigsborg Kristjansen congratulate Israeli dealer Easy Swissaon a phenomenally good year so far!

X-Yachts are very pleased to be expanding into this new market would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Easy on his success so far, and wish him well into the coming season, with hopefully many more X-Yachts heading that way soon!