The X-Yachts team to head to Las Palmas for ARC 2016

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Thursday 8th December 2016

The 2016 ARC Rally is now only a few days away and this year there are 10 X-Yachts taking part in this world famous event.

Setting a yacht up for a trip such as a transatlantic crossing can be an enormous task. Extensive safety checks and provisioning must all be carried out in the days before the start to ensure everything on board is in full working order and is set up to deal with the demanding Atlantic conditions for days on end.

This year we are sending three members of the X-Yachts team to Las Palmas to help owners in the run up to the start of the event.

Klaus Jensen, is the X-Yachts Service Assistant since 1998 he has extensive X-Yacht sailing and maintenance experience as well as being a qualified marine electrician. He is almost able to help with anything regarding the yachts technical system or with anything regarding general maintenance.

Rocio Gandarias is a naval architect at X-Yachts and has completed 2 transatlantic’s herself as well as working as professional yacht crew for 5 year.

Georgie Eggleton is the marketing manager and is a commercially endorsed Yachtmaster Ocean having completed 6 transatlantic’s and many years working as professional yacht crew.

Between them they have a huge amount of experience in offshore sailing so will be able to offer helpful and practical advice to the crew as well as helping with any last minute jobs on board.

We wish all the crews taking part in this years’ event a safe and fun passage and we are very much looking forward to seeing pictures and stories from the trip.