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The X4³’s impressive debut at the X-Yachts Gold Cup, 2017

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Four of the newly launched X43‘s took part in the X-Yachts Gold Cup this year and have produced some truly impressive results!

One team, ‘X4Box’ came 2nd in Sport Class B, beaten by just one point, by a professionally driven Xp44 sailed under ORC Club.

Three X4³’s took part in the Family Class, two of which came 2nd and 3rd overall. ‘Xone’, who came second had both of X-Yachts biggest share holders, Niels Jeppesen and Ib Kunøe, on board! The feedback from the owners and crew on the dock in Skovshoved marina was that, “the boat is easy to handle”, “feels like a dinghy”, “is smooth to work with for the crew”, and “delivers both when it comes to racing and cruising”.

The X4³ was launched in summer 2016 and has already been nominated as European Yacht of the Year, and won Cruisings World’s ‘Best full-sized Cruiser Under 50ft’ and Hiswas ‘Sailing Boat of the Year 2017’ and got a podium spot, coming 3rd for ‘Best performance over 41 up to 60ft’ in the Adriatic Boat of the Year awards.