The Xp 44, new edition!

Monday 9th July 2018

In 2011, we launched the Xp 44 for the first time… Since then, 75 pcs of this model have been produced and sold globally.

The boat has won numerous yacht races throughout the world and was awarded the prestigious “Sailing World, Boat of the Year” prize in 2014.

The boat can be categorized as a performance cruiser, thus winning the hearts of the race-oriented audience as well as of people who love a nice and steady sail during the holiday with their family.

Last week, this boat was picked up by their owners from Sweden, but before it was handed over, we made a photoshoot with their sons, Oscar and Jacob. On the images, you will see them accompanied with Marianne from our sales department.

The weather conditions were very windy, however managed with experience by these young guys.

We congratulate them with their new boat and wish them a great sailing season!