The Xp 55 NEW Edition

Monday 9th October 2017

Lars Reisberg, No Frills Sailing, took a tour on board the beautiful NEW Xp 55 at the Cannes Boat Show in September. No Frills is an independant non-profit website.

Impressed with the features of this new model, he says:

I also particularly loved another very nice detail of this boat: The stairs of the entryway down to the saloon. Bent full-wooden stairs, very elegant, very rigid. It is this infatuation with details which I love most about X-Yachts. If you go through this boat and even by looking behind panels, deep into cabinets and around corners you may find small but nice solutions“.

An X-Yacht just cannot be mistaken for another boat. It´s just impossible. The Danish company has it´s own unique style of designing their internals that you could set me blindfolded in any saloon you wish and I would instantly recognize the X upon making me see again: X-Yachts aren´t voluminous boats (that´s because of their superior upwind sailing capabilities) and tend to bear classic saloon layouts, as does the Xp 55“.

Read all about Lars’ tour on the boat –  and about his meeting with X-Yachts Sales Director, Flemming Ancher.