Xp 50 'NORXL NOR 15500

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Friday 23rd February 2018

The 10th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600 was the fastest and toughest race in the ten year history of the Caribbean 600 mile classic: High seas and strong trade wind had expected the race 2018. At Thursday eight teams have finished the race and 34 yachts have officially retired, with 40 teams still racing. The Xp 50 ‘NORXL NOR 15500’ with Crew from Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany and owner Andreas Gottschling has successfully sailed. After 3.5 days/nights they arrived in Antigua safe.

Auszug Kommentare während Race von Eugen Munz:

‘Super warm & barfuss Segeln! Der Rest ist Offshore Racing… Boot komplett gesalzen und nass. Super strenges Meteo. Crew ist gut und alle wieder o.k. Wind legt nochmals zu, aber denke, wir schaffen das mit NorXl.’  Absolut finstere Nächte ohne Mond. Beeindruckende Geräusche. Nur noch 9 Meilen und dann im Ziel…!’