Transportation of 6 X-Yachts to the USA

Sunday 29th April 2018

Previously today, 20 X-Yachts’ employees from the headquarters of Denmark, spent their Sunday sailing 6 X-Yachts out to the deep area of Lillebælt. All boats were to be picked up by a huge transportation ship, Sampogracht – by SevenStar Yacht Service.

All 6 boats are now on their way to the East Coast of the USA. But before reaching their final destination, the ship has to pass by the UK and Holland, among others.

This was quite a unique event;

As a Danish yard, we are proud to have found such a strong basis for X-Yachts globally – and in particular it was a pleasure to send these fine well-equipped boats on a safe trip to their new American owners.

The mission started at 6.30 am, Sunday morning at the yard in Haderslev. At 7 am, all boats were ready to be sailed out to the yacht transport ship, where they were loaded during the day. Loading boats for such a long journey, is a thorough and detailed process that requires expertise.

All X-Yachts – look so tiny compared to this huge ship, see for yourself:

These boats were sent to the US today:

The Xc 35
The Xc 38
The X49 
The Xp 44
The Xp 55
The X-482