Did you know… …why we fit two and three blade folding propellers to our X-Yachts?

Thursday 17th November 2016

The predominant reason for fitting a folding propeller is to reduce the hydrodynamic drag when sailing.  In terms of sailing speed through the water, a folding propeller can offer a significant increase of up to 15% when compared to a standard fixed blade propeller.


We chose both two and three blade folding propellers depending on the application.

X-Performance Two-Blade folding – Light/medium displacement, performance orientated yacht.

  • The design of this propeller provides the least drag characteristics, thereby optimizing the performance aspect of this type of yacht.
  • A two-blade propeller can provide a higher top speed than a three blade in flat sea conditions.

X-Cruising Three-Blade folding – Heavier displacement, blue water cruising yacht.

  • The third blade gives additional “grip” of the water due to increased surface area, this is particularly useful when manoeuvring in a marina environment.
  • A three-blade, while not as fast as a two-blade, does give additional “thrust” which is beneficial when motoring through a choppy head sea.