X-41 “Sydbank” won a first place in the Maior Offshore Regatta 2018

Wednesday 2nd May 2018

/Photos from “fotografie C.B”

From 28 April – 1 May, Torsten Bastiansen and his crew took part in the annual Maior Offshore Regatta with the X-41 “Sydbank”.

They won a first place in the ORC1/ORC2 class where there were 13 participating boats. In the ORC 3 Class, there were 19 participating boats.

The Xp 44 X-Day came in 3rd in the ORC1/2 Class, and in the ORC 3 Class, an X-37 “Hansen” took a 3rd position.

The weather conditions were very challenging and changing. On the first day, only one race was completed because of very light winds. On the second day, starts were postponed because of fog. But the race office decided to start the race even though the participants couldnt see the windward nor the leeward mark. It was all about navigation… Luckily, after this, the weather cleared up, and two more races were sailed.

Monday started off again with a postponement because of a thunderstorm, and when this was over, 4 races were completed. The wind started from an easterly direction with 16-18 knots and big seas, and then it changed into a western direction and dropped to 6-11 knots.

Tuesday, all the skippers of ORC1&2 decided not to race due to forecasts of gust of 40 knots.

Congratulations with the fine results!

Link to results