X-Yachts on the podium in Istanbul

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Wednesday 4th July 2018

X-Yachts dominated the season races organised in Istanbul by the Turkish Offshore Racing Club (TAYK).

Having relocated their boat Xp 44 “NOMAD TURX” from Bodrum to Istanbul for the season, Mr.Kerem Alptemocin and his crew had won their first offshore trophy at the “TAYK Marmara Cup” in June.

Xp 44 “NOMAD TURX”‘s success was followed by the brilliant success of two other X-Yachts last weekend:

X-41 “MAD X”, helmed by Mr.Izzet Gocmenoglu won the first place of the IRC I category at the “TAYK Cabotage Cup“, while X-35 “GUNES SIGORTA MARY”, helmed by Mr.Deniz Yilmaz and a regular to Istanbul’s podiums, came second in IRC II.

X-41 “MAD X” and X-35 “GUNES SIGORTA MARY” did not surprise at the “TAYK Moda Bay Cup” which was run the next day, winning the first and third places in IRC I and IRC II respectively.

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