Xc 45 Seeknam finished 2nd in Chiloé Regatta 2018

Thursday 15th March 2018

Regata de Chiloé, in the Southern part of Chile, took place from January 20 to 27. This time, the race started in Castro on the main island, and for seven days it meandered through the channels, straits and fiords that give form to Chiloé.

It visited Dalcahue, Mechuque, Hornopirén and Calbuco in point-to-point coastal races and ended in Puerto Montt, where two windward-leeward buoy races where scheduled.

On the water, Chiloé gave the fleet all the expected challenges. In an abnormal sunny week, the crews had to deal with 90º wind shifts, calms, 20 knots gusts crossing the gulf, tide currents and shallow sea obstacles.

Captain Rodrigo Gumucio and his family crew,  finished 2nd in the Cruising Class in the emblematic Chiloé Regatta 2018!

The crew was composed by Rodrigo, his wife Sofía and their 4 daughters and 2 sons in law: Aranza, Begoña, Andone and Dominga, Diego and Lucas.  Not to forget the crew member, Jonnathan.

His daughter Aranza helmed during the whole regatta and explained:

Racing Chiloé Regatta on board the Xc 45 in the cruising class was an unforgettable experience. Racing with the complete family onboard and with 4 crew members that never raced Chiloé before was a very special taste for everyone onboard. The connection with nature, fiords, rainforest island was incredible with the beautiful days we had along the week of races“.

Rodrigo expressed:

The Xc 45 was a great partner for this adventure, keeping 9 people onboard during the whole week.  We manage to be competitive in the IRC cruising class and also carry 1.000 ltrs of water/diesel, cloth and food for everyone. Even the dinghy and auxiliar engine remained during the regatta. The performance of the crew as well as the boat was amazing. 

Also the beauty of places like Mechuque among the islands and Quintupeu and Cahuelmó in Patagonia Verde with rainforest and snow peaks mountains – it is hard to believe that you are at the coast“.


Text: Juan Eduardo Reid, X-Yachts Dealer in Chile