Xc 47 Press Release

"Probably the best yacht we ever built"

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Wednesday 16th November 2022

Introducing Xc 47

16 November 2022

‘Probably the best cruiser we have ever built’

Strong words from a yard that has produced more than 6,500 yachts over the last 43 years and is considered one of the finest brands in the world. A belief by X-Yachts CEO, Kræn Brinck Nielsen, supported by a strong sense of pride and shared feelings by the whole team behind the new model.

The ideal bluewater cruiser?

The Xc 47 marks the beginning of a completely new generation of XCruising. The concept is built on years of experience and a desire to accommodate the growing number of sailors looking for a true bluewater cruiser.

‘In short, Xc 47 is an elegant high-performance cruiser, built for safe and comfortable sailing on the oceans. Immense focus has been placed on the design to make shorthanded sailing safe and easy’, says Thomas Mielec, director of design & engineering at X-Yachts.

‘Many of our customers share a dream of heading off on a long cruise, often around the world. With this yacht, they will be ready and able to achieve this whenever the opportunity arises.’


Shorthanded with ease and style

Most sailing today, even bluewater cruising, is performed with a small crew, with often just a couple of crew members, which the development team has kept in mind right from the outset of the design process. Some of the design features and functions have been seen before on other premium yachts, but on the Xc 47, they are executed with an unprecedented sense of style.

The cockpit layout has been designed to give the helmsman the capability of handling all lines. Four winches – two on each side,  are positioned in front of the wheels. All relevant trim lines are led in channels under the deck from the mast to the steering position, with jammers reachable for the helmsman.

The traveller has been re-positioned from the cockpit to a position in front of the sprayhood. Apart from creating an efficient workspace, this cockpit arrangement leaves room for a comfortable living space, with the sail handling concentrated to the area at the helm station.

Near the transom, a large aft deck accommodates a comfortable full-width seating area behind the wheels, as well as a nice sunbathing area. As it should be on a true offshore yacht, the cockpit is deep, well protected, and with a closed transom.

”Semi deck saloon”

The first thing most people will notice when looking at the lines, is the shape of the superstructure.

‘We have introduced what we like to call a “semi deck saloon”’, says Thomas Mielec.

‘This solution provides a better view of the surroundings, when under deck with more natural light, and an opportunity for multilevel floors.’

To make sure the Xc 47 is capable of carrying provisions for long periods of time, the yacht has efficient storage volumes hidden behind the sturdy, yet elegantly crafted surfaces of the interior. CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen highlights

‘Danish design and architecture are famous for  clean and timeless style, and X-Yachts has always been a part of this tradition. X-Yacht owners often talk about a special X feeling, something that greets you every time you step on board. We know this feeling, and for us, it’s a constant process to refine and enhance it each time. When looking at the Xc 47, I’m proud of how far we have come.’


Updated Xc-design

The hull lines have maintained the deep V-shaped bow sections, generous rocker, and higher stern overhang from previous Xc models, providing the well-known comfortable seagoing characteristics. Furthermore, the aft of the Xc 47 has a modern, wider stern section, incorporating a subtle soft chine that provides extra form and stability, improved performance and more space in the aft cabins.

Full size, heeling mock-up

‘The design process has been different this time’, Thomas Mielec explains.

‘We have built a full size model, a so-called mockup, that can be heeled up to 20 degrees. As far as I know, we are the only yard that has ever done that. This has given us a unique test platform, with the opportunity to test different design scenarios in real life situations. Being able to move around in a physical environment, eliminated numerous lengthy discussions, as everyone could feel and sense right away, what the right solution should be. Not only under conditions as they are when the yacht is docked, but also how things work during sailing when the boat is heeled over.’

Carbon reinforced

The Xc 47 is built from a full vacuum infused epoxy/e-glass sandwich, together with our famous signature steel frame. Areas exposed to high loads are reinforced with carbon fiber, a part of making the yacht stronger without adding excess weight.

The Xc 47 will be launched in 2024.

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