Yard owner, single-handed between porpoises and mermaids

Friday 13th July 2018

I recently started my second season with an X4³, and have previously owned a fantastic Xc 42. My new boat is easy to handle and it is very fast.

My boat was in Aabenraa in Southern Denmark and I had decided that I would sail it back to its home port in Vedbæk on my own. I was born and raised in Aabenraa where my sailing career started. So it was a fantastic journey through “the streets of childhood” on the sunny side of Denmark.

I started in Aabenraa Saturday around lunchtime with a nice trip and an overnight stay in the Little Belt (Lillebælt), and afterwards I took the long trip Monday morning from Fredericia to Vedbæk in one stretch.

One thing has changed; The Little Belt has been taken over by porpoises. Recently, I read that there are more than 100,000 porpoises in Danish waters, most easily spotted on flat water.. but, where are the mermaids?

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