X-Yachts Anniversary Gold Cup 2019

Celebrating 40 Years of X-Yachts

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Friday, 7 June 2019 — Sunday, 9 June 2019

Gold Cup 2019

In 2019 we are celebrating the 40 years anniversary of X-Yachts!

One of the major anniversary events of 2019 will be the X-Yachts Gold Cup. This time, the event takes place in the harbour of X-Yachts in Haderslev on the 7th - 9th June.

We are therefore very pleased - already now - to be able to invite you to our yard and its lovely surroundings in Haderslev next year in June!

There will be free berthing and camping throughout the whole event.


Friday, 7th June

  • Arrival in Haderslev
  • 12:00 - Check-in
  • 19:00 - Welcome reception

Saturday, 8th June

  • 11:00 - Distance racing or up and down lanes according to your own choice
  • 20:00 - Dinner & Prize-giving
    Photos and video from the sail, entertainment

Sunday, 9th June

  • 11:00 - Distance racing or up and down lanes according to your own choice
  • 20:00 - Dinner & Anniversary Party.
    Overall prize-giving, dinner, photos and video from the sail, live music

Monday, 10th June

  • Departure from Haderslev Harbor.

X-Yachts will host all shorebased activities, and you can expect an eventful and unforgettable Gold Cup in the idyllic area around the Headquarters of X-Yachts and Haderslev Fjord.

The Royal Danish Yachtclub will assist us with the sportive events ashore.

Gold Cup Meals

We have booked one of the finest catering suppliers for this event and at very reasonable prices.
Your catering should be ordered by 7th May, at the latest.

Get more information about our available meals during the Gold Cup and order here.

The Race

To achieve as fair a sailing as possible, we would like to be able to gather also a fleet of over 50ft boats. More about this when we can publish the valid participants list.

For the family classes, we are planning on 2 races a day – meaning all in all up to 4 races during the days of the Gold Cup. These races will be 6 – 13 nautical miles each – depending on the size of your boat. Please, see circle on the nautical chart – pointing out the area in which we are planning the races.

For the sports classes, we are planning on 2-3 races a day – meaning all in all up to 5 races during the days of the Gold Cup. These races will be planned to be up & down and coastal races. Please, see circle on the nautical chart – pointing out the area in which we are planning to start the races.

All races – in family as well as sports classes - are planned to be held between 11.00 to 16.30.

Crew finder

If you would like to take part in our event in June as a crew member  - you can fill in the Crew Finder form below. Thus enabling skipper or owner on one of the registered boats to contact you directly.

After having registered on this form, please keep in contact if you want to be deleted from the list by contacting Tine Palmer Franch to tpf@x-yachts.com.


Registration, waiting list

If you want to be registered on a waiting list, please contact Majbritt Thomsen by sending an email to mth@x-yachts.com.

Social gallery from the Gold Cup 2013 in Copenhagen

Accommodation - Book your stay in Haderslev

Gold Cup 2019 Entry List

Boat Type Yacht Name Sail No. Year Class Owner Country
X4³ Dixi2 - 2019 Sports Class Erik Stannow Denmark
X4³ X⁴Box DEN 44 2017 Sports Class Henrik Jørgensen Denmark
X4³ X-One Den 22 2017 Family Class Ib Kunøe Denmark
X4³ Iskander NED 9031 2018 Jelte Kornelis Netherlands
X4³ Esparlica - 2019 Olivier Maubert France
X4³ Huppes-X GER 7652 2018 Sports Class Ulrich Huber Germany
X4⁶ Lazy Fox NED 9046 2019 Family Class Diederik Forma Netherlands
X4⁹ Mercer-X - 2019 Family Class Peter Christensen Denmark
Xc 38 Vandhunden 59 2017 Family Class Jan & Anne Brith Nørskov Olsen Denmark
Xc 42 exuma GER 7303 2010 Family Class Jan J. Casper Germany
Xc 42 Suederhoern XC42 2017 Family Class Joachim Dr. Stolte Germany
Xc 42 Euphoria 80 2014 Family Class Michael Orbesen Denmark
Xc 42 Huxie DEN 32 2010 Poul Ørsted Bredesgaard Denmark
Xc 42 SY Geronimo GER 7604 2011 Family Class Rainer & Corinna Möller Germany
Xc 42 X Signe DEN 97 2019 Family Class Alex Mandrup Paulsen Denmark
Xc 45 Laura DEN 40 2010 Family Class Benny Skov Denmark
Xc 45 Xaica DEN 109 2017 Family Class Carsten Mikkelsen Denmark
Xc 45 CARA GER 7100 2015 Family Class Jörn Meyer Germany
Xc 45 Boruna NED 4590 2018 Family Class Ruud Van Kollenburg Netherlands
Xc 50 Sibonga DEN 9 2011 Alan Nissen Denmark
Xc 50 Xc-L 2017 2017 Family Class Birger Hansen Denmark
Xc 50 VITAX GER 7183 2012 Family Class Dr.-Ing. Hans-Toni Junius Germany
Xp 38 BlueS SWE 33 2012 Sports Class Hans Johannson Sweden
Xp 38 Xtravaganza DEN 80 2017 Kai Hoffmann Denmark
Xp 38 Melixia GER 6798 2013 Family Class Melanie & Jan Cord Becker Germany
Xp 38 Leuft GER 83 2018 Family Class Oliver Leu Germany
Xp 44 Quinta DEN 5 2011 Anders Bogason Denmark
Xp 44 SinaX 50 2014 Gert Bach UK
Xp 44 Johanna V SWE 112 2018 Sports Class Karin Brossing Lundqvist Sweden
Xp 44 Venus Den 100 2016 Sports Class Klaus Gram-Hansen Denmark
Xp 44 STONY VII DEN 201 2013 Sports Class Steen Toftebjerg Denmark
Xp 55 Lin Bi Lan GER 7855 2019 Sports Class Karl-Thomas Neumann Germany
X-34 XANTHE GER 6434 2009 Family Class Harry Kaltschmidt Germany
X-34 Alexa SWE-83 2009 Family Class Lars Jörnvi Sweden
X-34 IDEFIX GER 6162 2009 Family Class Mike Lissok Germany
X-34 - NOR 14073 2010 Pål M. Rødseth Norway
X-34 SiouXsie GER 6182 2008 Sports Class Søren Jepsen Germany
X-34 Quax DEN 28 2008 Family Class Tim Loeschenkohl Germany
X-35 Foxy Lady DEN 67 2009 Sports Class Jette Dalegaard Denmark
X-37 Roxanne GER 5637 2006 Family Class Fritz Blanke Germany
X-37 Toxic DEN-74 2006 Sports Class Jørn Juhl Denmark
X-37 Rasann DEN 127 2008 Sports Class Jørn Schulz Denmark
X-37 EQUINOX SWE-114 2007 Family Class Magnus Runesson Sweden
X-37 Meister Hora GER 5989 2008 Family Class Nico Jeschonnek Germany
X-37 Exodus D-27 2005 Niels Christian Frydendahl Denmark
X-37 Ventoux DEN 125 2008 Sports Class Niels Nørgaard Pedersen Denmark
X-40 Xanadus GER 6079 Family Class Hendrik Gottschalk Germany
X-40 XIRIUS D 122 2008 Sports Class Gorm Schierup Denmark
X-40 Pax DEN 124 2007 Family Class Jakob Lykke Hansen Denmark
X-40 Nn/TBA DEN 840 2004 Family Class Jan Kolberg Denmark
X-40 Xiphias DEN 22 2005 Keld Ibsen Denmark
X-40 Breezin NOR 12510 2008 Morten Gaarud Norway
X-40 JULIE DEN 140 2009 Family Class Torben Kornum Denmark
X-40 Rapanui 7410 - Family Class Yvonne Baur Germany
X-41 Sportsfreund GER TBA 2007 Sports Class Axel Seehafer Germany
X-41 Stardust GER 29 2007 Alf Henryk Wulf Germany
X-41 Shanxi 85 2015 Toru Nishinotuji Japan
X-41 Ningxia 86 2015 Kosei Monda Japan
X-41 s/y Legally Brunette FIN-4 2006 Family Class Kari Lehtonen Finland
X-41 TomCat3 DEN 7886 2007 Mikkel Nikolaj Lange Denmark
X-41 Sydbank GER 7350 2008 Sports Class Torsten Bastiansen Germany
X-43 Xigrid DEN 12 2004 Sports Class Frederik Boenæs Denmark
X-43 LINIE GER 5943 2008 Family Class Achim Grobleben Germany
X-43 Lars Netterstrøm Denmark
X-46 peanutx GER-7585 2006 Family Class Björn Meyer Germany
X-50 Abraxas 3 NOR 12050 2009 Eivind Haugan Norway
X-50 XOXO DEN 9750 2017 Jørn Nissen Denmark
X-50 JOKERMAN NPR 9779 2005 Per Ottar Skaaret Norway
X-50 Lynx GER 6400 2005 Family Class Peter Weichsel Germany
X-50 Bajazzo 61 2010 Sports Class Sven Zoller Germany
X-55 mardivino CHI 2665 2010 Miguel A. Gonzales Chile
X-79 JOEY GER 233 1984 Horst Krapohl Germany
X-79 XBRAVE 267 1984 Family Class Janine Blöhdorn Germany
X-79 X-wing DEN-191 1983 Jens Hedegaard Denmark
X-79 Spiff DEN-262 1984 Jesper Stig Andersen Denmark
X-79 Harriet SWE 4 1979 Sports Class Johan Delin Sweden
X-79 Latest Trick GER 468 1994 Sports Class Katja & Hauke Korth Germany
X-79 X-Kæresten DEN 346 1986 Sports Class Peter Juul Denmark
X-79 X&Y GER 182 1983 Stefan Hadre Germany
X-79 Elixier GER 405 1987 Sports Class Tjerk Niermeijer Germany
X-79 Auf Schexbier NED 6173 1987 Sports Class Nicolas Barth Germany
X-99 sixXsix DEN 66 1986 Sports Class Peter Thorup Denmark
X-119 Kabi GER 42 1990 Family Class Kai Wegener Germany
X-332 Alexa GER 7576 1998 Family Class Axel Grissmer Germany
X-332 Liming Baigo DEN 676 1998 Sports Class Jacob Bang Denmark
X-332 FrisbæX DEN 357 2002 Sports Class Jens Frisbæk Sørensen Denmark
X-332 Sophus GER 7090 1996 Sports Class Jochen Kunze Germany
X-332 Chinook GER 4732 1998 Sports Class John Friedrichsen Germany
X-332 Varuna Xpress GER 5223 2002 Sports Class Kai Haupthoff Germany
X-332 QUATTRO GER 4687 1997 Sports Class Klaus-Peter Boock Germany
X-332 Lotta 272 2000 Family Class Martin Plaetzer Germany
X-332 Lieblinxstueck GER 6575 1998 Matthias Adamczewski Germany
X-332 Nøltinx GER 7032 1996 Sports Class Matthias Nölting Germany
X-332 Ella HD35 1999 Family Class Ralf Tapken Germany
X-332 mad max GER 5402 2001 Sports Class Roger Pilz Germany
X-332 Henriette GER 230 2000 Family Class Rüdiger Bredtmann Germany
X-332 dat wor et FIN-7540 1999 Sports Class Heinz Mach Finland
X-362 Solidix GER-7617 1997 Family Class Marc Schweers Germany
X-362 Generation-X GER 6177 1998 Family Class Peter Rieper Germany
X-362 Sport Esperia GER 3737 2001 Sports Class Carsten Büll Germany
X-362 Sport Andrea DEN 153 2000 Christian De Lichtenberg Denmark
X-362 Sport Motherrati GER - 5362 2004 Family Class Mark-Sebastian Bracht Germany
X-362 Sport mare X GER 1999 Martin Christiansen Germany
X-362 Sport Exolist DEN 225 2003 Sports Class Thomas Taatø Denmark
X-382 X-Tension - - Daniel Van Beurden Netherlands
X-382 Lurifax DEN 43 1994 Family Class Jan Lærke Denmark
X-382 Annex DEN 47 1995 Family Class Tage Kabel Denmark
X-402 SavagE Rose VII 1186 1985 Family Class Anders Jessen Denmark
X-412 ABSOLUT GER 7371 1995 Family Class Dirk Schuster Germany
X-412 XEREMONIA GER 7622 2003 Family Class Holger Hoppe Germany
X-412 PhoeniX GER 7112 1992 Family Class Ingo Pedersen Germany
X-412 Xola 5355 1992 Family Class Jan Guenther Germany
X-412 Beetle DEN 150 2000 Family Class Morten Friis Denmark
X-442 Xara 111 2002 Family Class Jonas Björk Sweden
X-442 Mathilde DEN 107 2002 Family Class Per Jørgensen Denmark
X-482 Saiga DEN 47 2001 Family Class Erik Blichfeld Denmark
X-612 Sol Viento GER 5706 1996 Over 50 ft The BreXit Blues Team UK, Ireland & the EU
IMX 40 7 Oceans DEN 43 2001 Sports Class Jesper Rasmussen Denmark
IMX 40 FLUX II DEN 69 2001 Sports Class Mads Lobert Denmark
IMX 40 Pax GER 6155 2000 Sports Class Tom Stryi Germany

Total Entries: 121

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