Final Opportunity to Own a New X-Yacht in 2021

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perjantai 15th tammikuu 2021

With the yards virtually full order book, we have a small number of build slots available for enjoying this late summer.

Choose from;
X4⁰ / X4³ / X4⁶ / Xc 38 / Xc 45
for August & September 2021 Delivery

As per the ”Recommended Sailing Specification”, but to also include;

  • Bow Thruster – complimentary.
  • Engine Power Upgradecomplimentary.
  • Road Transport and Commissioning in Hamble, UK – complimentary.

Special Offer Valid Until – 31.01.21
Subject to contract.

Stuart Abernethy

Stuart Abernethy

Stuart Abernethy

General Manager

As the General Manager, Stuart has been with X-Yachts since 2005. With a thorough knowledge of all things X, he deals with new enquiries and pre-owned X-Yacht sales.