X-Yachts weekend in Bogense

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torstai 1st heinäkuu 2021

Sweet X-moments in Bogense



All in all, 16 X-Yachts in sizes from X-332 to X5.6 were shining in the harbor passage in Bogense where X-Yachts held a sunny event and with a row of activities during the weekend.

A funrace between Bogense and the island Æbelø was one of the highlights on Saturday but with plenty of fresh winds from west, it was decided instead to test drive the new X-Power 33C the X4.6 owned by Ib Kunøe, also owner of X-Yachts.

Furthermore, there was plenty of opportunity to meet other X-Yachts owners and to exchange experience and good tips and tricks. As an additional service to the attendees, the yard service manager Bjarke Gam Svare was present giving technical advice on minor and major issues.

Saturday morning everyone was met by a beautiful sight in the canal because the X5.6 no 1 had arrived during the night from Oslo on its way towards the Mediterranean – with the boat’s owner Otto Backe and crew. It was impressive to see the 17-meter-long boat maneuvering around in the narrow canal in Bogense.

The restaurant ”Dampskibshuset” in Bogense was responsible for a culinary experience and offered live music and an exquisite dinner in the tent where the guests enjoyed each other’s company till late night. The sailor stories filled the event area and a new concept “X-moments” saw the light of the day.


X-Yachts CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen explains:

“At each table, the guests got 10 minutes preparation and after that one minute to tell their best sailor stories, and we had a lot of fun! As per definition, sailors have many good stories to share, and Saturday evening was no exception. The concept X-moments is essential in our sailor lives and they are important to remember and to share with others.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the weekend in Bogense. It is fantastic to meet X-owners in the sailor environment and I am pleased that we were 6 representatives from X-Yachts meeting the X-owners under totally relaxed conditions”, Kræn Brinck Nielsen concludes.

Last year X-Yachts reported record-breaking sales in the company history which appears to be continuing at the same pace into 2021-2022.


Photos: X-Yachts A/S, Mikkel Groth.