X-Yachts who made history – X-Yachts 73

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maanantai 6th joulukuu 2021

The story about X-Yachts 73 started with X-612 owner Preben Jakobsen, who wanted X-Yachts to develop and supply his ultimate yacht. Preben Jakobsen was founder of one of the world’s greatest loudspeaker brands and he was personally involved in many of the technical installations in his X-73, that he named HiFi.
The first 73 was built to reach goals and not budgets. X-Yachts 73 took the company’s experience to new levels and integrated as many complex installation systems as possible.
She was designed, engineered, and built to allow a very short-handed crew to operate her, with equal ease in the narrow confines of a marina, or on the wide oceans.
Two of these fantastic, true blue water cruisers were built in 2001. Hull 02 of this exclusive yacht was delivered to Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller and his wife in 2001, when they were both 90 years of age. Mr. Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller owned the biggest shipping company in the world, Mærsk.
Discover the original brochure here – https://bit.ly/3GmVOnz