A very successful boat show in Palma

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lunedì 9th Maggio 2022

It is the first time the team of X-Yachts Spain have been an exhibitor in the fast growing Palma International Boat Show.

This new edition has had a total of 276 companies installed, which will break the record for exhibitors at the nautical fair. All the places were covered and, even so, twenty businesses have been left out due to lack of space. Never before has the event had the participation of so many companies. In addition, the show had 264 moored boats and the largest European exhibition of superyachts of over 24 meters in length.

The setup of X-Yachts Spain, together with a stand and two beautiful pure X boats, X4⁰ and X4⁶, in the water for all the enthusiasts to step on board, created a lot of attention. After four busy days with glorious weather, an overwhelming nautical atmosphere and very happy visitors, David, Rodrigo and Silvia could not be happier with the response and reaction from both, national and International visitors. They feel delighted with the excellent outcome and the outstanding interest shown in X-Yachts.

Around 35,000 people visited the fair, which exceded expectations and the International nationalities were particularly noticeable. In addition, journalists from around the world were accredited to cover the event. In our case, among the visits of many journalists, we had the representatives of N&Y magazine thanking us for our commitment in using them for our marketing.

X-Yachts Spain also had the pleasure of having Torben Kornum, whose expertise, advice, friendliness and easy approach were appreciated and valued by all visitors including us, of course. Silvia says, “To us, Torben is a huge support and we thoroughly enjoyed his company in Palma. We look forward to having him again with us next year but this time with the full X-Range in the water.”