In-House Boat Show March

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martedì 11th Febbraio 2020

Welcome to In-House Boat Show at the X-Yachts yard in Denmark.

Step by and discover three X-Ranges and get inspired by presentations of single-hand sailing and long-distance sailing!

During the show, our key suppliers will be represented by exhibiting their own products.

Boats on display: 
X4⁹ • X4⁶ • X4³ • X4⁰ • Xp 44 • Xc 45 • Xc 38 – & and a number of pre-owned boats.

We can make you a very special offer for the demo boat, the Xc 38!

Saturday, 7th March, our X-Yachts employee Anders Bastiansen gives an interesting presentation about sailing single-handedly. The presentation will be in English and starts at 11.00.

Sunday, 8th March, The Danish Ocean Cruising Association (Foreningen til langtursejladsens fremme). presents long-distance cruising and an upcoming trip to Scotland – The presentation will be in Danish and starts at 11.00

If you want to register for this, please send an email to Andreas at

Light refreshments will be served Saturday and Sunday.

Hope to see you here!


Anders Bastiansen during Silverruder 2019

Anders Bastiansen during Silverruder 2019 on board X4⁰ no. 1