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X-Yachts Anniversary Gold Cup 2019


is a global coatings supplier working in the decorative, protective, marine, container and yacht markets, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.Visit Hempel John Mast John Mast is one of Europe’s largest producers…

Holland Cup 2021


…partners: Location: Marina Muiderzand is the Thuishaven in Almere on the IJmeer, one of the four Thuishavens operated by Den Daas Recreatie. Marina Muiderzand offers access to a number of…

Welcome to In-House Boat Show at the X-Yachts yard in Denmark


Welcome to In-House Boat Show at the X-Yachts yard in Denmark. Step by and discover three X-Ranges and get inspired by presentations of single-hand sailing and long-distance sailing! During the…

X-Yachts and Silverrudder in a long-term partnership!


…din familie en rigtig god jul og et godt nytår! Feel free to get in touch for more information: X-Yachts contact: Torben Kornum, tk@x-yachts.com Silverrudder contact: Philip Max Cossen, pmc@simac.dk…

X-Yachts Charter


…Cholerton-Brown to email: marcus@pyr-usa.com. Charter X-65 The X-65 offers ‘Maxi’ yacht performance and cruising comfort, in an accessible 65ft package. This model is a high specification, high performance cruising yacht,…

Racing Hall of Fame


…the islands landmark lighthouse is awarded to the boat in St. David’s Lighthouse Division that is first on handicap corrected time. This division was the largest in the fleet with…

Long-term boat show


Long-term boat show in Haderslev


…get another chance throughout the rest of November, December and January 2021. All boats on show will still be available in our showrooms. Please, contact Andreas Olesen at ao@x-yachts.com to

Handing over of an Xp 55 to Julie and John Applegate


…the Annapolis Boat show (and Sailing and Cruising World magazines), to full on cruising attire. All systems were checked and tweaked, jack lines installed on the deck, tent encloser attached…

Family Ties


and performing interships in marketing and events I realised that this is where my passion is. “In 2009 my parents and brother decided to organise the X-Yachts Gold Cup. They…

Winter Storage & Servicing


Meet an X-Sailor – Christopher Sheehan


in the US, Europe, and Australia, specifically New York Long Island Sound, Newport Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Nova Scotia Canada, Bermuda, Fastnet Cowes UK, Sydney Hobart, Australia, Middle Sea Race, Malta,…