Virtual tours

of X-Yachts' contemporary models

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Get a virtual experience of X-Yachts' contemporary models!

We are proud to introduce you to virtual reality tours of 9 of our X-Yachts! You can access them by your computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

They will visualize important features above and below the deck. You will get an insight into the spaciousness, the acclaimed Scandinavian design, into the practical interior and exterior details, displaying what real comfort is...

VR tour of the X40

VR tour of the X43

VR tour of the X46

VR tour of the X49

VR tour of the X56

VR tour of the Xc 38

VR tour of the Xc 45

VR tour of the Xp 44

VR tour of the Xp 55

For a detailed description of each of these 9 models, please contact your local dealer.

Online configuration of X-Yachts

For more detailed information about the various options of these models, you should try the X-Yachts dream factory using our web configurator.

Configure your X40
Configure your X43
Configure your X46
Configure your X49
Configure your X56
Configure your Xp 44
Configure your Xp 55
Configure your Xc 45
Configure your Xc 38