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X-Power 33C meets Holland!

"X-Yachts offers a well finished weekender with the X-Power 33C, full of clever details. A powerboat with modern lines but easy and forgiving to handle even at its top speed of 35 knots." //Jim Post, Deining Magazine

With more than 40 years of experience in high-performance sailing boats, X-Yachts has now introduced a new and extraordinary initiative, based on some of the deep experience we have accumulated over these years; A 33 foot open powerboat for quality-conscious boaters with the same well proven X-Yacht Ethos. Fast and safe on the water, pride of ownership, innovative development and design.

The X-Power 33C is designed and built with one overall strategy - to comply with what is expected by X-Yachts - Ease of Use. The technical equipment gives for an intuitive experience, as you only need to push one button and then you are ready to drive!

The first 15 X-Power 33C produced will be equipped with every conceivable extra equipment.

The cockpit

The control panel is carefully designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to allow the driver to focus on the right thing - enjoying the boat ride in comfort and safety.

The navigation and operation system are operated via two integrated 16" screens from Simrad. With only a few operating items at the control console, the boat is easy to pilot for the driver in charge. The built-in control units fit seamlessly into the panel, and thanks to the illuminated display, intuitive guidance and large buttons, the panel is quick and easy to operate.

The cockpit
Spacious Comfort

Spacious Comfort

The cockpit of X-Power 33C is spacious with three pilot seats and eight sofa seats.

The cockpit table is height-adjustable and in conjunction with its surrounding space it can be transformed into a sunbed near the bathing platform.

The X-Power 33C has an optional T-Top, creating the perfect protection from both sun and wind along with the standard windscreen. A bimini and cockpit tent are optional.


The pantry is easy accessible aft of the pilot seats, it is practically designed and houses as standard a gas cooker and a 30L drawer fridge, with an optional second drawer possible.


The Cabin

Creating the interior of the X-Power 33C, the designer selected only the very best quality materials giving a luxurious first impression.

The cabin cushions are produced in a durable upholstery, and will ensure a comfortable lying position and a good night's sleep. Furthermore, there are plenty of light sources in the cabin.

The Cabin


Below deck, there is a nicely appointed compartment with toilet and shower facilities, along with a mirror that doubles as a window when required.

Optional interior, tinted oak

Cockpit and electronic equipment

Photos by X-Yachts, Mikkel Groth

March 2021

Video produced by Mikkel Groth

Introducing the X-Power 33C

Video produced by Nikolaj Schwaner

Highlights from World Premiere

Video produced by Nikolaj Schwaner

Video from first test drive

Video produced by Nikolaj Schwaner


Design Category C
LOA 10.2 m
Beam 3.1 m
Draft 1.2 m
Displacement (Light craft): 4000 kg
Engine configuration:

Yanmar 8LV
Yanmar 8LV
Yanmar 8LV


370 hp
350 hp
320 hp

Bow thruster 2,2 Kw
Integrated navigation & operation system 2 X 16” screens
Maximum number of people 8
Fuel  tank 380L
Fresh water tank 100L
Black water tank 100L

Facts about petestep

In the production of X-Power 33C, we are using the patented Petestep® technology that results in a more comfortable and fuel efficient boat ride.


No more clatter in waves! Because Petestep® hulls don’t have any horizontal flat surfaces that smash the water under the hull, the biggest source of hull noise is removed. This makes Petestep® hulls create a lot less noise from waves, which significantly adds to the comfort of the ride.

More stable

Petestep® hulls increase stability, both at speed and at the dock. At zero speed, Petestep® hulls have a wider footprint that makes the boat less prone to heeling. When at speed, the deflectors stabilise the boat, once again contributing to a better ride.


Petestep® hulls reduce resistance by removing friction and reducing energy waste. Up to 35% less energy is required to propel the boat forward, which could lead to significantly lower fuel consumption at comparable level of comfort.


Conventional spray rails with their flat surfaces are associated with hard landings. Petestep® deflectors, on the other hand, dampens landings and lowers slamming by up to 50%, resulting in unmatched ride comfort.

X-Power Range 2021 - 2023

In January 2021, we celebrated the launch of the first powerboat in our 42 years history: The 33 feet open Red Baron version.

In all that we do, our foundation is Yachts heritage and 42 years’ experience in the development of high-performance sailing boats. Constantly developing, we are in the process of designing future powerboat models in the range; A 33 ft cabin version for 2022 and an open 40+ ft version for 2023.

The first model in the range, the X-Power 33C, has been tested thoroughly in Danish waters and will soon be spread all over Europe.

After arriving in Holland last week, Jim Post from Deining Magazine tested the boat and wrote: "X-Yachts offers a well finished weekender with the X-Power 33C, full of clever details. A powerboat with modern lines but easy and forgiving to handle even at its top speed of 35 knots."

Stay tuned…!




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The Power of Performance

With more than 40 years of experience in high performance sailing boats, X-Yachts has now introduced a whole and extraordinary initiative, based on some of the deep experience we have – a 33 feet open powerboat for qualityconscious boaters, with exactly the same overall strategy. Fast and safe on the water, superior pleasure with ownership, innovative development and design.
The very first powerboat was launched in January 2021, and the important milestones were reached by close supervision of designers, boat builders, engineers and technicians.

CEO of X-Yachts, Kræn Brinck Nielsen explains: “What we are creating here is unique. With this powerboat, we are appealing to people who love to go on the water and become one with the sea for the weekend, or spend an active day offshore. Like with our sailboats, high quality and safety goes hand in hand with performance in this new product line."

The Power of Performance

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