Boat Show Season…!

petek 7th september 2018

Our dealers in Holland, Germany, France, Italy and the UK cannot wait to introduce a hungry audience to our most recently launched models:

Hiswa Boat Show: 5 – 10 September
Represented by Nikki van Mackelenbergh-Schuttrups and Nanno Schuttrups // Presentation of the X4³, the Xc 42 and the X4⁹

Flensburg Boat Show: 7 – 9 September
Represented by Christoph Barth and Oliver Leu // Presentation of the Xc 38, the Xp 38 and the X4⁶

Yachting Festival in Cannes: 11 – 16 September
Represented by Jean-Luc Chalant // Presentation of the X4⁶ and the X4⁹

Southampton Boat Show: 14 – 23 September
Represented by Conor Fanning, Stuart Abernethy & Debbie Weldon // Presentation of the X4⁹, the X4³ and the Xc 38 The 58ᵗʰ

Genoa Boat Show: 20 – 25 September
Represented by Giulia and Fabio Baffigi // Presentation of the X4⁹, the X4³, the Xp 38 and the X4⁶


See X-Yachts’ full list of boat shows here