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sreda 3rd marec 2021

X-Yachts Gold Cup postponed to August!

There are now 70 registered X’es for the event in Sailing Aarhus, previously planned for in May 2021.

X-Yachts has currently been in contact with Sailing Aarhus about the event and about the prospects in terms of restrictions and gathering limit. After the latest press conference from the Ministry of the State of Denmark, the two collaborators decided to postpone the event to August, 26th – 29th .

During the same period there will be “Sailing Aarhus week” where The Danish Sailing League will be running their regatta for 2nd division”, CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen explains.
However, it makes good sense to place both events in this period, as X-Yachts is one of the main sponsors for The Danish Sailing League”, Kræn elaborates.

We were very much in doubt whether or not to postpone the event; Our purpose has been to create an awesome Gold Cup event, so with the current status of gathering limits, we needed to make a firm decision about postponement in which we now fully believe”, Kræn Brinck Nielsen ends.

Jon Koch Hansen, CEO at Sailing Aarhus considers this a good decision; “Under the given circumstances, this is the best solution for everyone. There can be some challenges with the participants registered for May not being able to participate in August; But, in that case we will refund their registration fee”, Jon explains.

Before the end of this week, all registered X-Yachts owners will receive a message about the postponement and with guidelines for the procedure onwards.

We are very pleased to continue the planning of this event together with X-Yachts and hope that as many as possible will support the August event”, Jon Koch Hansen ends.

Read more about the event here.