Xc 47 first interior renderings

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petek 16th december 2022

The first thing most people will notice when looking at the lines, is the shape of the superstructure.

We have introduced what we like to call a “semi deck saloon. This solution provides a better view of the surroundings, when under deck with more natural light, and an opportunity for multilevel floors.

- Thomas Mielec

To make sure the Xc 47 is capable of carrying provisions for long periods of time, the yacht has efficient storage volumes hidden behind the sturdy, yet elegantly crafted surfaces of the interior. CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen highlights

Danish design and architecture are famous for clean and timeless style, and X-Yachts has always been a part of this tradition. X-Yacht owners often talk about a special X feeling, something that greets you every time you step on board. We know this feeling, and for us, it’s a constant process to refine and enhance it each time. When looking at the Xc 47, l’m proud of how far we have come.