Charter on an Xc38

Story by charter client, Torben Bondrop

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Charter on an Xc38 – “A great eXperience”

As something new, X-Yachts is giving you the chance of sailing charter. Torben Bondrop was one of many, who spent their summer in 2020 on the marvelous Xc38.  

We asked Torben a couple of questions about his Charter experience: 

Why did you choose an X-Yacht charter holiday? 

I have always wanted to try and sail on vacation in one of the newer X-Yachts. I follow the X-Yachts Newsletter and suddenly, when the offer came up, I had to seize the opportunity. I then quickly persuaded wife and daughter, that we should try it out for a week. 

What was your experience, sailing the Xc38? 

My experience with the Xc38 was extremely positive. We both experienced wind, rain and sunshine and the boat worked perfectly in all conditions. Especially the two "captains chairs" fitted to the rail aft, were very popular on our whole trip. 

X-moments during a Charter 

If I should highlight one special moment we had on our vacation, it had to be that one evening where we sailed from Samsø towards Bogense, and we met in the darkness the entire fleet from the race called Blue Ribbon from Kiel. Just before that, a thunderstorm had passed over us and were now behind us, still active with lightnings drifting north. That was so beautiful and a special sight. I never had experienced anything like that. 

What are your thoughts about the whole experience? 

I think that it was a great experience, and the boat was so well sailing and comfortable. Furthermore, whenever there was something, I could not figure out concerning the workings of the boat, I could just call X-Yachts "helper" and he would guide me through my problem, by telephone. 

Would you recommend this type of holiday to anyone, and why?  

Yes, I would highly recommend it to any sailor, with some experience (to appreciate the boat) and with a sufficient vacation budget.

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