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Testing the X5⁶!


…system. Before and after the sea trials a lot of in-water tests of equipment and installations have been done. For instance the real life thrust power of the bow and…

X-Yachts who made history – X-Yachts 73


…greatest loudspeaker brands and he was personally involved in many of the technical installations in his X-73, that he named HiFi. The first 73 was built to reach goals and…

Meet an X-Sailor – Christopher Sheehan


…there was no shortage of excellent Corinthian sailors wanting to crew aboard her in the numerous region distance races. The Warrior Won racing program was born almost instantly. Warrior Won…

Launch of the X5⁶, see the gallery!


…the water! After rigging, in-water tests and adjustments of technical installations a thorough series of sea trials will be conducted under close supervision of the design & engineering team. ”We…

Meet an X-Sailor – Henrik Jørgensen!


…I have chosen to install most of the electronics myself, in that way I know the setup and are able easily to maintain and expand it. You have been sailing…