40 years as an X-Owner

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Pazar 26th Eylül 2021

From X-79 to X4⁰


Our boat purchase this year started in March. I went to the X-Yachts website, mostly for fun, but also to take a closer look at the X4⁰. I played with the X4⁰ configurator and then asked for a price list.

The day after my configuration, I was contacted by Andreas from X-Yachts. Andreas invited me to the yard in Haderslev. Subsequently, it was a short process as we – after only 6 days – saw the boat for the first time, agreed with the yard in Haderslev about the configuration of the boat and signed the order confirmation with a delivery date in the beginning of July 2021.

I have been an X-owner since 1981 and according to Birger Hansen, I am the only current X-owner, who has had an X-boat for this long of which I am very proud!

The first X

My first X-boat was an X-79 no. 50. I bought it together with two friends at a very young age in March 1981. The boat was called “X-Danmark” the very same boat that the three founders sailed in before I was so lucky to buy it. We sailed the boat home in beautiful sunshine and frosty weather.

After a couple of years, we bought a new X-79. We were still young. Since then, I have had a long and good life, characterized by X-boats in all the years, now with our 6th; an X4⁰, which is an amazing boat. The X-boat we had before the X4⁰ was only 4 years old, so I might have been quick to replace it, but when my wife and I went to visit the yard in Haderslev, we fell in love with the X4⁰.

Together with the X-Yachts team, we configured a boat with a lot of great solutions. The boat is fantastic to sail in and is perfect in every way, inside as well as outside. Since we got the boat for delivery in July, we have lived onboard. This boat is pure luxury, but we also enjoyed life onboard the X-79, with more primitive conditions and although we lived in more primitive conditions, we managed to cook gourmet food onboard the X-79.

My wife and I have been privileged for a long life, by having had a boat, which has always given us optimal sailing pleasure during our life at sea, that we care so much about.

In addition to our wonderful X4⁰, I sail dinghy and wayfarer dinghy at home on Furesøen, I also sail J80 and Yngling. When there is ice on the water, I jump onboard an ice boat.

-Søren Jensen, 40 years as an X-owner.