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"With our love and passion for the ocean, it is important for us to focus on SDG 14, Life Below Water" - Kræn Brinck Nielsen, CEO of X-Yachts

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Sustainability at X-Yachts

Sustainability at X-Yachts

Sustainability is an integrated part of X-Yachts strategy. From the beginning we decided to focus on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) no. 14: “Life below water”. But are now ready to intensify our efforts and focus on more. We quickly learned that it was important to involve all employees in the process, and we try to engage them through an SDG corner in the company. Here they can read about the work and the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) set by the UN.

Employees can be inspired and involved and give their good ideas. It often comes the best ideas from the employees who are close to the product and the resource consumption.Pollution of the world oceans is a growing problem, and we want to help what we can at this point. We do this in collaboration with one of our valued partners “Race for Oceans foundation”. Together with them we focus on SDG 14 where we together focus on removing plastic in the oceans.

The Race for Oceans Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Denmark. Their purpose is to shine a light on Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water, including the growing plastic pollution. In a unique way we create a greater synergy between sports, beach clean ups and knowledge and we wish to be able to include everyone in our activities.
– Signe Simonsen

Race for Oceans is built on volunteers and a strong cooperation with organizations and companies wishing to shine a light on SDG 14 - life below water, hereunder the growing plastic pollution. Race for Oceans works together with the international organization UNLEASH. Together, they spread the concept globally in almost 40 different countries and regions on 6 continents.

"We are very happy that X-Yachts joined forces with us in 2021 on our journey to shine a light on SDG 14 - life below water. We are really looking forward to intensifying the collaboration here in Denmark, where we will see the X-Yachts boats and community be part of the Race for Oceans Relay along the coastline in the years to come. It will also be really interesting to follow the globalisation of the Race for Oceans concept on six continents to all seven continents, which also was supported by X-Yachts in 2021”.

- Signe Simonsen, Founder of Race for Oceans Foundation

August 2022, Race for Oceans sailed along the Danish coastline to put even more focus on SDG 14 - Life below water.

Race for Oceans was sailing in the new X4³, Circular X, from Skagen to Aarhus. Race For Oceans did clean-ups in every harbor they visited along the coastline - both onshore and offshore, on SUP boards and with a Blueye Robotics' underwater drone.

Several employees from X-Yachts participated in the clean-ups along the coastline.

Watch X-Yachts CEO Kræn Brinck Nielsen explain about our partnership

Click here, for more information about Race for Oceans Foundation

What is The Global Goals?

Our planet faces massive economic, social and environmental challenges. To combat these, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define global priorities and aspirations for 2030. They represent an unprecedented opportunity to eliminate extreme poverty and put the world on a sustainable path.

How does X-Yachts work with the 17 Global Goals?

It's important for X-Yachts to actively shape our sustainability strategies in line with the 2030 agenda and its targets – especially by finding ways to address the negative impacts. Here at X-Yachts, we choose to take action on a couple of goals, that we believe we can work within our company.

Global Goal no. 3

Global Goal no. 3

We choose to work with this goal, as it is important for us to promote a healthy life for all employees and promote well-being for all age groups at X-Yachts.
At X-Yachts we have health insurance for all employees. In addition, fresh fruit is always available for all employees. To ensure the internal well-being at the workplace, we arrange, among others, Company football and SUP board evenings.

Global Goal no. 14

We choose to work with this goal, as we need to preserve and ensure the sustainable use of the oceans and their resources in the world. In our industry, this goal is close to our hearts. To support target 14.1, reduce marine pollution, X-Yachts employees collects the trash in the harbour several times a year. In addition, we have partnered up with Race For Oceans, whose flagship business is, to collect garbage in the oceans, worldwide. This is a really important matter to us.

Global Goal no. 14
Global Goal no. 17

Global Goal no. 17

We choose to work with this goal, as we must help revitalise the global partnerships for sustainable development and strengthen the means to achieve the goals.

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