ARC - Atlantic Rally for Cruisers

The ARC, one of the best known races in the world and one that many sailors dream of doing.

As the winter is setting in in Northern Europe, we ask ourselves who wouldn't want to sail 2700Nm across the Atlantic Ocean to the warmer climates in Saint Lucia?

With over 200 yachts and 1500 amateur sailors from over 20 countries participating, we are proud to present that X-Yachts is the 6th most popular brand for participants to choose to do this race in.

Being part of the X-Yachts World, we would like to give our ARC entries the support they deserve, so we have lined up a few things for you including: 

- X-Yachts Servicing 15th-22nd November in Las Palmas

- X-Yachts Cocktail Party 22nd November

We would also love to share tales and photos of the amazing adventures you are having so please send them to