Who do you prefer as service partner for your sail- or motorboat?

sreda 15th julij 2020

Under this headline, X-Yachts sent a newsletter to Danish and German subscribers last week. According to service manager Niels Ebbesen, X-Yachts has a vision to be the preferred repair and service yard in Southern Denmark and Northern Germany.

A curious Danish journalist asked “Isn’t that a bit ambitious for a yard busy producing sailing yachts and motorboats?

”Not really…”, service manager through 25 years, Niels Ebbesen explains. “We have many different skills at our disposal in our service center – from carpenters and electricians to service people and technicians. Now that we started producing motorboats, it is important to send out the message that we can also manage that. No assignments are too small and none too big”, the service manager explains. “We need to tell everyone that we can embrace any assignment when it comes to boats.

We have always provided service to other boats than X-Yachts, but have not been focused enough on attracting people’s attention to it. We can handle all of it”, Niels Ebbesen continues.

X-Yachts has an extensive range of spare parts, and reputedly, you can find everything there. X-Yachts works closely with sub suppliers in the naval business and can provide everything on short notice.

Last year, X-Yachts built a 1250 m2 winter storage hall for those who want to take extra good care of their boat after the summer season.

Many of the clients, who choose to let us prepare their boat for winter, want us to store their boat until next season. We offer this service at very reasonable prices, and 90% of our winter storage clients come back more than once”, Niels Ebbesen finishes.

Read more about X-Yachts’ service and winter storage concept here

Contact Niels Ebbesen by mail to ne@x-yachts.com, or by phone to +45 27 64 03 82.