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For UK X-Yacht Owners

The X-Yachts Owners Association (XYOA) was set up in 2011 by a group of keen and enthusiastic UK X-Yacht Owners to promote rallies, racing, social events and the sharing of information within the fleet.

While mostly based in the UK, the XYOA has a growing overseas membership and a number of owners keep their X-Yacht overseas.  The XYOA now has over 140 members from England, Scotland, Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, USA and Australia.  The XYOA hosts several UK based events throughout the year including sailing and shore based events.  To support owners regardless of home port, the XYOA has developed a new website and has an active members’ WhatsApp group to provide a strong virtual network of owners.  Members support one another in a range of ways including helping to fix technical issues, sharing information on passages, and we hold a crew register of members willing to make passages with fellow members.  The Association also offers its members a range of exclusive offers, with discounts on items such as sails, electronic equipment, winches and insurance.

The Owners Association has a reputation for running fun, friendly events where like-minded X-Yacht owners can share their enjoyment of sailing these wonderful yachts as well has help exchange tips and ideas on everything X-Yacht related.  To find out more and how to become a member, please visit

For Dutch X-Yacht Owners

The Dutch Owners Association (X-Yachts Club Nederland) was founded in 2013 and has over a hundred members. While most  members are based in the Netherlands, 3 are based in Belgium.

The Club organizes a wide range of activities with a view to increasing your pleasure in sailing and your knowledge of the  X-Yachts. For example:

  • Trimming courses on your own boat
  • Manoeuvring lessons on your own boat
  • MOB training
  • First aid training
  • X-Cup, a regatta accessible for the whole family
  • Project X, members meet in a random port somewhere in the Netherlands
  • Weather course
  • Routing course
  • Splicing modern ropes
  • Biennial visit to the yard of X-Yachts in Haderslev Denmark

Most of these activities are organized in close association with the Dutch dealer.
Apart from being useful and fun, you get the chance to meet other owners and exchange tips and ideas on anything related to  X-Yachts.
To find out more and how to become a member, please visit

For Australian & New Zealand X-Yachts Owners

The X-Yacht Owners Association of Australia & New Zealand (XYOAANZ) was founded as a registered Association in 2023 to promote the X-Yacht community across Australia & New Zealand.

The members are based in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific – but membership is open to other X-Yacht Owners across the globe.

The XYOAANZ hosts several events during the year including:

  • VIP Invitations to virtual X-Yacht Yard Tours and new X-Yacht launches.
  • Invitations to the X-Yachts Gold Cup – Denmark
  • X-Yachts Owners Dinners – Australia & New Zealand
  • X-Yachts Aurum Cup Regatta (June 2024)
  • VIP Invitations to local and overseas Boat Shows
  • Various training courses
  • Various sailing skills seminars

To support the group there is an XYOAANZ Facebook page X-Yacht Owners Association of Australia & New Zealand and a website to provide a strong virtual network between owners. Members support each other in a variety of ways including sharing sailing tips, crew register and technical advice. The XYOAANZ also has exclusive offers and discounts from time to time on sailing equipment, sails, electronics and travel.

For more information on joining the X-Yacht Owners Association of Australia & New Zealand please email Kevin Wallis (e)

For Italian X-Yacht Owners

The X-Yachts Owner’s Association of Italy was founded in April 2023, when 7 pioneer owners met for lunch on the Poet’s Gulf in the northern Thyrrenian Sea.

Since the beginning, it was clear that the common passion for sailing had to be mixed with the pride of being X-Yachts owners.

The aim of the association, which has quickly reached more than 20 boats and owners, is to share their passions, improve the knowledge of their boats, organize activities related to the sailing world and on other fields, and last but not least to contribute to providing new and uncommon opportunities to people with disabilities or conditions of hardship.

The association has already visited the boatyard in Denmark, and the members had the chance to admire where their loved boats are produced and steal some of the secrets that made their boats so special.

The first randez-vous is already around the corner and more have to come. Do not miss them!

If you are an X-Yachts owner you can contact the association at the following email address: