365 Days Open Yard

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torek 31st januar 2023

Did you know that our yard is open for customers all year around?

In the coming months, you can experience a full showroom with the entire Pure X range including X4⁰, X4³, X4⁶, X4⁹, X5⁶ – and our experts will be ready to guide you.

Do not miss out on our newest project – The Xc 47 Blue Water Cruiser – that will be launched early 2024.
We have created a 1:1 scale wood model of the Xc 47 – a so called mock-up – that gives you a great impression of this unique model and the many new features and qualities that are built into it.

The scale model can be heeled up to 20 degrees to optimize the all-important comfort and safety at sea. Needless to say, that it has served as a unique platform for the X-Yachts design team in their two years of development work.

The X-Yachts yard is in Haderslev, less than an hour north of the German border and with its own harbor and service facilities in the same place. Visitors are welcome for a guided tour – also in the factory.

Interested in becoming an X-Yachts owner?

Contact your local dealer today and plan your visit to the yard now!