Navigating Solo: An interview with an X-Yachts Silverrudder Challenger

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petek 12th april 2024

Navigating Solo: An Interview with an X-Yachts Silverrudder Challenger

In the world of singlehanded sailing, the Silverrudder challenge stands as a formidable test of skill, endurance, and the spirit of sailors. The team behind Silverrudder has found a great way to gather many sailors every single year and this year is no exception, with all 450 slots sold out in just 22 minutes.

We had the pleasure of speaking with an experienced X-Yachts sailor, Henrik Jørgensen, who is currently sailing Xp 44.

How many times have you participated in Silverrudder?

“I’ve taken on the challenge six times and managed to reach the goal line three times. Only fierce storms, days without wind, and the unforeseen COVID-19 pandemic have stood in my way.”

Why participate with an X-Yacht?

“The choice is clear. X-Yachts offers an exceptional platform for single-hand racing. Their design, performance, and reliability make them ideal companions for navigating the complexities of the sea alone.”

Have you sailed in different X-Yacht models during the Silverrudder?

“Yes, I have. My journey began with an X-40, followed by the X4.3, and most recently, the Xp 44. Each model has its own strengths, but they all share the same X-Yachts qualities.”

Which X-Yacht model performed the best during Silverrudder?

“The Xp 44, without a doubt. It’s not only faster but also easier to handle solo. The balance of speed and manageability it offers is unmatched.”

You mentioned participating in a new X-model next year. Can you share more about that?

“Indeed, that’s the plan. The Xp 44 will be on sale shortly and can be delivered right after this year’s Silverrudder. I’m looking forward to next year’s racing season onboard my XR 41!”

What does the Silverrudder challenge, and racing in general, mean to you?

“Silverrudder is more than just a race; it’s the ‘one-man marathon of racing in Denmark,’ spanning 134 nautical miles. It’s a great opportunity to test your skills in handling your boat alone.”

Looking ahead, what excites you the most about this year’s Silverrudder?

“This year promises another great experience. The entire city of Svendborg, along with the passionate organizers of Silverrudder, creates an incredible atmosphere. It’s a testament to the community’s dedication to sailing and the spirit of competition. I’m eager to be part of it once again.”