Long-term Boat Show

in November & December

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torsdag 29th oktober 2020

Long-term boat show at the yard in Haderslev

If you can’t make it for the in-house boat show 6th – 8th November, there is no need to panic. You will get another chance throughout the rest of November, December and January 2021.

All boats on show will still be available in our showrooms.

Please, contact Andreas Olesen at ao@x-yachts.com to make an appointment.

German visitors can contact our Flensburger representative, Christoph Barth at cbarth@x-yachts.de or our representative from Heiligenhafen, Torsten Schauer at t.schauer@x-yachts.de.

If you want to book an appointment through your local dealer, click here for contact information about our global dealer network.