Testing the X5⁶!

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onsdag 2nd december 2020

Photos and video: Mikkel Groth, X-Yachts A/S


Thomas Mielec, Director of Design & Engineering:

After the first three sea trials conducted Friday and during the weekend, we came back not only cold and with “homework” to do, but also with a really good feeling and a great deal of pride, that the entire organization behind the development of the X5⁶ has definitely succeeded in creating a magnificent performance cruiser well prepared for providing future owners superior sailing pleasure.

Even though we’ve only been able to test in fairly light to medium wind conditions for these first test, the X5⁶ hull #1 has already provided us with a distinct big-boat feeling of safety and comfort, where almost everything is able to be operated by the touch of a button if you want.

This of course also means that vast amounts of technical equipment need to be tested, adjusted, calibrated etc. to make sure everything works as designed and engineered.

Focus for the first tests has been sail handling, sail balance, rig trim, alignment and tuning the twin rudder steering system.

Before and after the sea trials a lot of in-water tests of equipment and installations have been done. For instance the real life thrust power of the bow and stern thrusters have been carefully measured and verified.

Also the main engine and drive train has been tested with the presence of Yanmar technicians, that were happy to approve the installation and choice of propeller.

We ourselves were quite happy to see, that with the careful selection of engine mounts and thrust bearing installation, the main engine is so well balanced and vibration free, that you can safely put your cup of coffee on the top of the engine block while you have a closer look of at the engine performing at full cruising speed.

After further tuning of the rig setup and various other minor improvement points solved and with the electronics setup and especially the autopilot working, we are really looking forward to take her out for a couple of more sea trials this week in what looks to be more windy conditions providing us the chance to get an even better feel of the capabilities of the yacht before she goes back to the assembly hall for the final fit out of interior and preparation for the world premiere in January.

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World premiere in our show rooms on 16th January 2021 in Haderslev, Denmark.