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Fabio Baffigi

Fabio Baffigi

Managing Director

Has a degree in BA and several business experiences in electronics and business consultancy. In 2005, he started at X-Yachts Italia, and in 2009, he became managing director. He has raced with success on: IMX 38, X-35, X-41, X-37, X-40, X-43, X-46, X-50, Xp 38 and Xp 44

fabiobaffigi@x-italia.it+39 393 969 0438

Giulia Ravaioni

Giulia Ravaioni

Marketing and Event Manager

Worked for X-Yachts since 2000. She has planned 13 Genoa Boat show editions, 14 X-Cups and 2 X-Yachts Gold Cup. She is the face of X-Yachts in Italy towards the media. She is a keen sailor, and her experience goes from dinghy to IRC/ORC boats, and she has been successful in female match races in European competitions.

giulia@x-italia.it+39 0 185 308 615

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